Real Pilots Use Microsoft Flight Simulator Video Game For Training

This video game simulates aircraft flight and is used to in flight training.


Source: Desktop PC

“Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Cessna 172.” by Gary Danvers is licensed under

By: Gus Neuberg, Journalist

Microsoft flight simulator 2020 is the next step into the evolution of video games with the best graphics out there.  This video game simulates aircraft flight with a map that reaches to every corner of the the world. Some flight training schools, such as Epic Flight Academy, use this video game to help students learn the basics of the cockpit. Most pilots in training even practice at home using a personal gaming devise like a laptop or Xbox. For flight training trainee pilots would normally have to rent giant airplanes for hundreds of dollars. But they can buy the entire game for the low cost of $60 witch is great for the pilots because they don’t have to pay a ton of money to rent airplanes for training. Using the simulator to practice flying an aircraft can lower costs greatly. Overall this video game is a great way to help pilots get extra practice in at a low price.