Bullet Proof Glass

You can stay safe with bullet proof glass.



“Vidrio Blindado Transparent armor anti balas bulletproof glass” by Isbi Armor is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

By: Fabritzio Arandia, Journalist

How Bullet Proof Glass Is Made

There are various ways to make bullet proof glass, but essentially, it is made by layering a piece of special polycarbonate between pieces of ordinary glass. This process is called lamination. … As the bullet-resistant glass gets thicker, it also gets stronger. The thickness can range anywhere from 7mm to 76mm.


How Strong Is Bullet Proof Glass?

Bulletproof glass more accurate term is armored ballistic glass or bullet-resistant glass” similar Glass made of acrylic is commonly designed for conventional use. It is usually a 1.25-inch thick sheet acrylic sheet that offers basic level 1 protection. However, the thickness can be increased or decreased depending upon the security level. This type of glass is suitable for a situation where projectiles are breaking glass windows. It also sustains a few 9mm bullets and 44 magnum, an extremely powerful revolver. To achieve greater levels of protection, it is typically necessary to layer glass with polycarbonate plastic.


How It Works 

One-way bulletproof glass is composed of two layers a bullet that strikes the brittle external layer first causes the glass to break inward toward the polycarbonate layer. The glass breaking absorbs some of the bullet’s energy by spreading the force over a larger area and the flexible polycarbonate stops the bullet.


Can You Shoot Through Bullet Proof Glass?

Yes you could but it takes 3–5 rounds of a handgun ammunition at the bullet proof glass

So, keep shooting, since multiple bullets impacting in the same location may be enough to break through a thin sheet of bulletproof glass. If you’re shooting a mid-power handgun like a 9 mm, you may need to fire 3-5 rounds to break through thin bulletproof glass.