Cybernetic Limbs and How They Can Help

Cyber Limbs and what they can do

By: Eliot Wentzel, Journalist

Cybernetic limbs can be better than prosthetic limbs because you can get them and then it can make you stronger and/or faster. It can also be good for military purposes like if a soldier loses a leg. They can get a cybernetic leg to help out the military and make it stronger.

Cybernetic arms, if made correctly, could have built-in self defense things such as a knife. If you lost both of your legs,  the cybernetic legs could make you walk again and it can make you faster.

At the University of Utah they made a cybernetic leg that can be the size of a normal human. The leg is stronger and lighter than a normal leg. There’s a company that’s make cybernetic arms called Hero Arms. Hero Arms have sensitive sensors that sense muscle movement and do what you want it to do. That’s why we should put more effort in to researching this.