Trains running on magnetism


By: sereen guirguis, Journalist

How do magnetic trains work?

Maglev is a unique system of train transportation, also known as a magnetic levitation train. Magnetic trains use two sets of magnets. One set is to repel and push the train up and off the track, while the other set is to move the elevated train ahead. There is not much friction when the train is transporting, which is why it is extremely fast. Therefore Maglev trains can be quieter and smoother than most typical trains, although magnetic trains are able to build up more speed. Magnetic trains can reach up to 500km per hour which is about 310 miles per hour.

Magnetic trains benefits 

The benefits of maglev technology are that it is the most soundless transportation system, environment friendly, it is ideal, has high speed, And is tremendously efficient. Maglev trains are considered to be one of the safest and secure transportation systems in the world. Magnetic trains are usually located in Asia, there are very few in the world. The main reason why there are not many in the world is because of cost. Most countries are not able to build magnetic trains because of the lack of supplies and expenses. Most supplies and parts to build magnetic trains can not be integrated.