A drones job In space


By: Sereen Guirguis, Journalist

What does a space drone do?

Space drones are a reframing technology, in decades a space drone could change in unimaginable ways. A space drone is a satellite servicing vehicle also known as a robot, used to send back pictures and collect data from space. Space drones are used to help get visuals from space, and whatever planet they are on. However space drones will most likely just go on mars, any other planet is hard for the drone to reach because of how far of a distance the other planets are from each other.

Has NASA ever lost a spacecraft In space?

In September 1999, NASA had lost a spacecraft. After approximately 10 months of the spacecraft traveling to Mars. The mars climate orbiter overheated then soon burned and broke into pieces, therefore the spacecraft could no longer work and was unsuccessful. The mars climate orbiter was launched on December 11, 1998. The spacecraft was 630 kilograms which are about 1,407 pounds. The cost of this spacecraft was 193.1 million USD. The mars climate orbiter powered 500 watts. NASA lost contact with the spacecraft on September 23, 1999.

does a spacecraft need fuel?

The propellant is essentially needed to get the spacecraft into orbit, therefore spacecraft are usually powered by batteries. Spacecrafts are expected to last up to a few months, to a few years. Depending on how it is designed and what its features are. Spacecrafts do not need fuel.