Why Real Steel Was So Ahead Of It’s Time

Why You Should Watch Real Steel


Source: Ayaka Darkly


Most of you probably haven’t heard of this movie but real steel is a sci-fi action movie starring Hugh Jackman that took place in 2020 even though it was created in 2011, so it had very unrealistic expectations of what the world was like a year ago. The two main characters are a father and son duo named Charlie (the father) and Max (the son) . Their relationship is very complicated because Max’s mom was killed in a car accident and Charlie (being the father) had to take care of Max. Charlie was a boxer and when boxing died out (due to people wanting it to be more violent) they started using robots instead of people. This movie has a sequence of thrilling bot on bot fights with stunning CGI. Now if you’ve seen the movie you would be very surprised to learn that they actually built most of the robots featured in the movie but they weren’t used in any of the fights. They were used in multiple scenes in the movie

real steel booth at a convention

but weren’t actually functional, they were basically just giant puppets with some lights in them. The main robot in the movie is a robot that Max found in a junkyard while Charlie was trying to find some robot parts to repair some of his previous robots (ambush and noisy boy) that were severely damaged and the robots name was Atom. Atom is an old gen-2 but barely, so he is very small, human like, and an out of date sparring bot, so he is not very strong, but he can tank a lot of hits. He also has a very rare shadow function that allows him to see what the person is doing and mirror his moves so that the person can shadow box. This movie also has a multitude of merchandise like various video games, and even action figures, but ultimately this movie was not received very well by fans which is really sad because it is seriously an amazing movie that you should definitely check out.