Bullet Airplane

And How It Works.


From: https://www.ottoaviation.com/celera-500l

By: Nick Boukens, Journalist

Do you know how much fuel a private jet burns in a second? It is 1 gallon of fuel per second. This amounts to every 2-3 miles a gallon of fuel disappears. This gasoline could be used for many other purposes instead, we are using it on jets. This problem can be solved when flying with the Celera 500 L light craft. This fantastic six-person jet promises to cut down on fuel consumption. It will fly at jet speeds, twice as far as any other jet, and use eight times less fuel. This means that it will use .125 gallons every second. For every gallon used, the aircraft will fly 18-25 miles. How does this occur? The creator of Celera 500 L, Otto Aviation, states that it happens due to laminar flow. Laminar flow is a solution where the minimum drag of air turbulence. Laminar flow is where an object can go through the air, without mixing the air layers. This means that there is a smooth airflow causing less horsepower to be used. But that is not all of the benefits that this aircraft gives. Regular jets cost a minimum of $1300 to $8,000 or more per hour! The Celera 500 L only costs $328 per hour. This is a substantial decrease from regular jets. This aircraft will be the future of all planes in the future!

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