The Impact of Oil Drilled in the Ocean

By: Sereen Guirguis, Journalist

 Does drilling oil cause any negative effects on the ocean?

Oil being drilled into the ocean can have many negative impacts on the ocean, such as fueling climate change, disrupting wildlife. The oil damages land with the fuel and bad pollution spreading all over. Oil harms marine mammals and could possibly kill them. Drilling for oil affects the land and is bad for marine life. Although offshore is bad for the environment. The oil poses an unprovoked prospect to the bay, coasts, and the economy, it’s toxic pollution.

What type of engineer drills oil in the ocean?

Subsea engineers design and install equipment and tools needed. Drilling engineers are named Petroleum engineers, they study oil and help drill in oil. An oil driller is in charge of the drilling of an oil rig. An oil driller is one of the most imperative and basic offshore jobs.

If drilling oil in the ocean is bad, then what are the benefits of it?

Offshore Drilling contributes to economic success, adds jobs to the economy, creates new habitats, and also provides a superior energy resource.