Venom And His versions

By: Eliot Wentzel, Journalist

First, there’s Venom he is a black symbiote who chooses a human and combines with them. And Venom is weak against sound and fire. There’s anti Venom who is Venom but without his weaknesses. There’s Carnage Who Came From Venom, And he’s also like venom but red and has the same weaknesses.  There’s Riot who is The leader of venoms home. The riot is a lot stronger but has the same weaknesses. There’s Knull who is the symbiote god. he was the first symbiote and the strongest his weaknesses are unknown. Then There’s plague who was made by Knull and has teleportation and can adsorb life from humans. There’s toxin who is the last of the venom, carnage line he is also immune to Spiderman’s Spidey sense and has toxic fangs. There’s a lasher who was created by the life foundation and has tentacles for weapons. There’s a phage that is like venom but has blades for weapons. There’s also agony who can absorb chemicals and can make an acid whirl that can beak almost anything. the hybrid was made when Phage, Agony, Riot, and Lasher merged and made him, and has all the same powers of Phage, Agony, Riot, and Lasher. Then there’s scorn who is different because they’re part machine and symbiote. There’s also Mania who was made when venom used his severed tongue battling with the thing and is a clone of venom. There’s Zzzxx who is the opposite of the other ones he eats his host’s brain. Last, there’s The Others who have a lot of forms one is the dragon Grendel who was wielded by Knull.