What is the best way to click?

By: Anshul Nagle, Journalist

The Best Mouse


First, for fast clicking you wouldn’t need a good mouse, you do not need to have an expensive mouse for gaming to have good CPS(Clicks Per Second). The average CPS is 6 with normal clicking with a normal mouse and a gaming mouse about 8 CPS. A very cheap and most common mouse for gaming is a Red Dragon M602, the mouse is able to normally click 8 CPS. A better way of clicking is Butterfly clicking, it is both putting your index and middle finger touching and over your clicking button. Put your middle and index fingers an inch forward from your mouse and start clicking, with your first clicking with your left then right repeating. The Average CPS for butterfly clicking on the Red Dragon M602 is 11, although the Red Dragon M602 is a cool-looking mouse it is not the best with over 30 debounce time which is really bad. If your ping is 30 MS then it will be your ping + your mouse debounce. That’s like having 60 pings. Now if you want a quality gaming mouse you should buy from bloody, bloody is an unknown gaming equipment company. They offer one of the best mice including the very known mouse the Bloody A70 and Bloody A60. Bloody A70 gives 0.2 MS of debounce time which is incredibly low because of laser detection in the mouse. The bloody A60 is the same thing but better at drag-clicking. Drag clicking is the fastest way possible to click but the hardest to master, it is when you drag your finger across your mouse but at such a perfect weight needed to create friction along with your mouse which will register to tons of clicks. The average cps for a drag click on a Bloody A70 is about 20-50 CPS for a long drag. People can reach more than just 50 cps, short dragging is basically dragged clicking but small drags on your mouse(remember that this can be only done on certain mice that are high in quality mouse).  Another good mouse is the Model O, this mouse has a specialty in butterfly clicking which you can get up to 30 cps. But overall the best mouse possible is the Bloody Matte Black Mouse, which averages 25-90 cps,0.2ms of debounce time, removes accidental double clicks. Satisfying clicking sounds, it’s just a better mouse.


The fastest cps possible?

The fastest clicking method is none of these methods, those methods were generally used for normal gaming PVP. Bolt clicking is the second to the fastest method, bolt clicking is even harder than drag clicking. There is a very high chance that your mouse will be ruined after but it is when you flip your mouse upside down and create friction again but you cannot see your mouse creating the friction. This is the hardest way to click ever, you can average around 50-250 depending on your mouse. Now the final clicking method is not named but in the fastest way possible you will need 2 items a Logitech G502(a mouse) and an air blower can. The G502 is a mouse with a scroll wheel that is not touching the sides, so if you spin it the spin would still be going. If you set your scroll wheel to left-click and then take your mouse and use your air blower can, you can direct the air to go on the scroll wheel thus giving you tons of clicks (average 200-10000). Clicking is thought of as simple but people don’t really know how much different it really is.