Why is your iPhone slow?

Why is your iPhone slow?

By: Jorge Nuila, Journalist

 Recently with the release of the iPhone 13 iPhone users have reported their iPhone with overheating, Bad battery life, etc. It might be confusing to some people but I am here to tell you why your iPhone might be acting up. With the release of IOS 15, some users have reported a music app called “Spotify” to be taking more than 30% of their battery every house which is nothing compared to how much it would take with the previous “IOS 14” some users theorize that this might be apple’s trick to get you to buy apple music or to just get a new phone for better battery life but so far apple has not done anything about this issue.

      With every iPhone, Apple releases they release a new update to their software but they are very discreet about it when you update your iPhone a few days later you realize that the battery does not last as long as it used to and it does not run the apps as fast as it used to. Now the reason why all this happens is that again apple just wants you to buy a new phone and they want you to get the newest ones because a few days ago they killed the iPhone XR by not making it new anymore so now if people really need an upgrade they have to go for the newer iPhone.

   Last year with iOS 14 they reduced the battery life of the iPhone 6, 7, and SE first generation. Apple was involved in a lawsuit of 113 Million dollars. And because of their situation, Apple had to refund users who owned this iPhone at the time because the battery life didn’t even last a few hours before it reached 0% Apple first denied they purposely slowed down older iPhones, they said they did it to preserve battery life but many iPhone users reported their phone unexpectedly turning off.

    But to this day apple has not learned its lesson and keeps slowing down phones which many people will probably not want to use apple because they will have to get upgrades constantly and don’t be surprised if they are sued again.