Terraria – a Guide to Defeating King Slime

By: Julian Hanson, Journalist


Terraria is a sandbox game, meaning you can do almost anything you like. Terraria also has a variety of weapons, NPC’s (non-playable characters), enemies, bosses, blocks, you name it. Right now I’m going to tell you how to beat the first and easiest boss in the game, king slime. This page is for beginners that play on the computer at the latest update. If you aren’t one of these, you can still read this!

Customizing and starting your world

The first thing you need to do is to create your character. You can change the characters’ settings if you want it to be a journey, also known as creative mode, softcore, where it drops half of your money, medium core, where it drops everything on death, and hardcore, if you die, game over! If you want to customize your character, be creative! Customize your character how you like it. You can change your eye color, skin, hair, clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

The next thing to do is to create a world. You can choose a small, medium, or the large world. You can change your world difficulty to journey, normal, expert, and master, journey being easiest and master being hardest. Note only journey mode players can join journey mode worlds. Then you choose your world evil biome, corruption or crimson, the crimson being slightly harder. I advise new players with a medium or large world on normal with the evil biome of your choice. When you’re done, click create a world, wait until your world is generated, press the green triangle, and let the fun begin!

Seeing the world

You should spawn in a forest, if you spawned in the snow biome, there’s almost no difference. You should see what you would usually see in the environment. You will also see an NPC (non-playable character). He is the guide, someone that would tell you tips and crafting recipes. You should also see in the top left your toolbar and in the top right your health at 100, mana at 20, and a map. in your toolbar, you should see a short sword, a pickaxe, and an axe, some with different modifiers.

Getting started

The first thing you should do is chop down trees to get wood. You can plant the trees back for more wood. Soon you will encounter your first enemy: The slime. He’s not too bad in normal mode and you can easily kill him. Once you do, he should drop coins and gel, you can turn the gel into torches. After cutting down a few (or a ton) of trees, you need to make a workbench. After that, you need to start making houses. The minimum of a house is 35 tiles, so don’t use too much wood, it is a very important ingredient in this game. A  table, a chair, and a light source are needed to make a house. After that, the guide should move into the house. You may need to make more houses for other NPC’s to spawn.


Now it is time to explore your world. you can go either left or right, avoid the evil biome and the jungle at all costs. You should run into a cave or a large tree. Both contain pots and chests that both contain useful loot. Collect all you can find! You should get some recall potions, that will teleport you back to your spawn point, just use those when the music changes. If you find a vertical hole in the terrain 1-2 blocks wide dig towards it and then dig straight down. You should find something called an enchanted sword shrine, a shrine that usually contains an enchanted sword, but it can rarely contain a weapon called the Terragrim.

As you are exploring you should find different biomes like the desert, the snow, the jungle, your evil biome, and the ocean. There are also the underground variants of those biomes, as well as the underground and cavern in the forest biome. you’ll see that they each have their own loot, as well as heart crystals, things that increase your health by 20 going to a max of 400 (15 heart crystals). These items are great and will help you a lot, just make sure you use recall potions or a magic/ice mirror if you find one if you are about to die.


NPC’s are very critical in this game. They each have their happiness. All happiness does is it affects how much you spend buying stuff. After you are done exploring you’ll probably get the merchant, an NPC that sells good starter items like lesser healing potions, shuriken’s, throwing daggers, and a piggy bank, as well as decoration items. He likes the forest, so put him there. If you manage to get a heart crystal, the nurse will come. She will heal you for tons of money.

If you manage to get a grenade or some bombs, the demolitionist will come. He sells explosives: grenades, bombs, and dynamite are what players buy the most. The underground is what he likes. If you somehow managed to get a gun or bullets. The arms dealer will come. He sells guns and ammo. He also sells a popular weapon ton of people buy: the mini shark, it may not do much damage, but it fires bullets fast. He likes the desert and the nurse, and the nurse likes him.


Mining is one of the most important things in this game. It is near impossible to beat the game without mining. You should still have your copper pickaxe. With his pickaxe, you can mine copper/tin, lead/iron, silver, and gold/platinum. You can make weapons, tools, and armor with these bars as well as tons of things with iron/lead, but you need a furnace. A furnace is 20 stone, 4 wood, and 3 torches. then you can smelt your bars. After that, you need an anvil to make things out of metal. 5 iron/lead bars at the workbench or the merchant will give you your anvil. An armor stronger than silver is recommended for king slime and evil biomes.

If you do go to the evil biomes after you made better gear you will find these weird things with spikes or faces. These are called crimson/demon altars, used to make boss summons. you will also see these orbs or hearts. These are called shadow orbs or crimson hearts, if you whack them with a hammer, they will give out loot, a gun and bullets always being the first, As well as a message saying “A horrible chill goes down your spine…”. If you whack a second it will say “Screams echo around you…”. If you whack a third… let’s just say things won’t go well for you. Once you whack an orb and have a decent amount of health. Events can happen…


The Blood Moon

Every night there is a chance a blood moon will happen. Blood moons increase the spawn rate of enemies and turn all friendly one evil (not NPC’s). Female NPCs tend to be more aggressive when talking to them. New enemies like the blood zombie and dripper appear. Dropping things like a sharp tooth necklace that increases damage, a money trout, if you use it summons a flying piggy bank you can store stuff in, and a bloody tear, something you can use to summon the blood moon.

The Goblin Army

After you destroy an orb/heart, a goblin army has a chance to happen when the morning comes. Most of the goblins try to attack you by just walking, but archers and mages will shoot you from a distance. After you defeat them the goblin tinkerer has a chance to spawn underground. You can purchase things like a tinkerer’s workbench, an item you can combine certain accessories, and spiky balls that hurt enemies that step on them.

He can also make your weapons, tools, and accessories better or worse. by spending a few coins click on the reforge button, place the weapon, tool, or accessory of your choice, and voila, a new prefix to your item! You may have to do this a little bit (or a lot), to get the prefix you want. A lot of people call the tinkerer “the scammer” since he never gives them the prefix they want.


After destroying an orb/heart, you have a chance to see a meteor falling in the background at night. You’ll know when it lands when you see the message “a meteorite has landed!”.  After that explore your world for a hole in the ground with brown-orange stuff. That is meteorite ore, and you will need a stronger pickaxe to mine that. You will also see enemies known as meteorite heads. They aren’t too much of a threat if you have a ranged weapon.

Slime Rain

There is a random chance any time of day that a slime rain will happen. Green, Blue, and Purple slimes fall from the sky. A rare slime known as pinky can also fall. Once you kill 100 slimes the king slime will appear early are you ready to take on this boss?

The King Slime

You will need an arena for this boss. an arena is a lot of platforms each at least 5-8 blocks separated vertically and at least 75 blocks wide. At least 200 health and 5 defense are recommended. Lesser healing potions and a bow with flaming/frost burn arrows are needed. You can either wait till the slime rain happens or spawn him manually. you will need a crown made from 10 gold/platinum bars and a ruby. You will also need a lot of gel for the summons. Go to the nearest crimson/demon altar to make the slime crown. go to your arena and summon him!

At first, he will teleport to your location if he is too far off-screen. Then he will try to jump towards you. Keep hitting him with your bow/gun! As you do he will start summoning slimes as you damage him. Once he is more than half dead he will start teleporting more often. keep hitting him and you should be A-OK.

If you die, don’t be mad! He is the first boss so he can be a challenge for new players. Explore your world some more, reforge your items, upgrade your gear, and try again!