The Impact of Delivery Drones


By: Ashton Gekhman, Journalist

If you have ever ordered an item off of amazon, you know that it’s fast delivery. Only about 2-4 days. But what if I told you that Amazon is taking it a bit further. Now, Amazon’s delivery drones have already been approved by the FAA, also known as Federal Aviation Administration. Amazon’s drones are also pretty weak, and can only carry about five pounds, but amazon says that 3/4 of all of their packages are less than 5 pounds, which is good. Amazon drones can deliver your items in 3o minutes and are a major upgrade to speed delivery. If a drone were to have a collision, the drone would disassemble in the air before the collision to keep whatever it hits safe, like if it were to hit a human, it would disassemble before it would hit. Practically a self-destruct sequence, except you can put it back together.












credits go to  Audie Paruchabutr