Xbox V.S PlayStation Next Gen Consoles


By: Tyler Heironimus, Journalist

Xbox V.S PlayStation is the battle all gamers want to know, and now with the new-gen consoles, we might be able to answer that question. The Xbox series X and PlayStation 5 are now available and have double the FPS (160 FPS) than the previous consoles which had 60 FPS.
With all the new PlayStation exclusive games (Miles Morales, God of War, Horizon Zero Down, etc.) and Xbox struggling to make exclusive games it’s looking like PlayStation is taking the lead on gaming consoles. But with every new console, their old games just don’t work with the new consoles. But almost always Xbox has been able to make all their games compatible with the next console while PlayStation can’t always do that. The actual appearance of the consoles is also a big thing because the PlayStation has a nice slim look, but the Xbox is kind of chunky and not attractive. Overall play station is the better choice, but Xbox is very close behind and there’s always the next one that comes out.