Ps5 Vs The Ps4 Pro and Which Should You Get?

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By: Lucas Nguyen, Journalist

      By Lucas Nguyen

Hello there, we are going to look at the Ps5 vs the Ps4 Pro to see which one you should get. In my Option, I say that you should get the Ps5 because of its higher specs than the Ps4 Pro, but the Ps5 is much harder to get not because of price but because of the chip crisis of 2020 – 2021.                                                                Now lets begin why you should get the consoles.


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Let’s start with the Ps5 first, according to TechRadar the Ps5 has an RDNA 2 GPU, AMD Zen-2 CPU, better ram than the Ps4 Pro. Ps5 has 16 GB vs the Ps4 pro’s 8 Gb and can load up games faster than before with its new NVMe SSD. More Bonuses about the Ps5 is that the DuelSense controllers have been remodeled from the original Ps4 controllers for better Haptic feedback and better triggers than ever before and you may be drawn by the library of the exclusive games that the Ps5 has. It also has 4k 60fps, soon we may get 4k 120fps and even 8K.

Next Up is the Ps4 Pro

It has a higher resolution than the average Ps4 up to 4k which can compare to the Ps5 basic resolution and it has a cheaper price than the Ps5 at $349.99 compared to the Ps5’s price at $499.99. But that is about it for the Ps4 Pro.


My Verdict is that the Ps5 is if you want a newer gen console that is on the market, you should get the Ps5 but if you want a console that is around 3/4 the price yet still has good power, or if you have a tight budget, you should get the Ps4 Pro and yes it may not be as powerful but it is much easier to get a Ps4 Pro than a Ps5 because they are not easy to find.