Animal Crossing is Brewster ending the Burnout?


Animal Crossing New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch game and is like an island escape but doesn’t have a definite goal or end. You can get bored or tired of it easily because of the receptivity. But updates have kept people playing and interested but there haven’t been any new updates for a while.

But Brewster has been long anticipated from the start of the game. When the update has finally announced a jolt of energy came back through the community and people suddenly were playing more again. But Brewster may not be enough to bring Animal Crossing New Horizons back to full popularity. There are also a lot of other things coming with Brewster including the froggy chair, a shopping center, and farming. But so many people have been waiting for this that it almost feels like a desperate attempt to get people back into Animal Crossing before they release a new Animal Crossing game. Because they aired the update along with the reveal of the new Island Designer game. All in all, Brewster is ending the Burnout but soon it will happen again because of coming off of a big update.