Why is Internet Explorer So Slow?


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By: Thomas Crosno, Journalist

Internet Explorer is one of the worst browsers that you could possibly use. It’s slow has an outdated design and is the most hated browser in history. It was hated so much that Microsoft decided to discontinue it, starting June 15, 2022   (according to https://esteemstream.news/53434/engineering/personal-tech/the-end-of-internet-explorer/)  But why is it so hated by the public?

Because IE was released in 1997, it ought to be slow. Over time, due to updates, it got faster. But it never helped its responsiveness. The word slow isn’t the right word. As said by Dayana Saravia on Quora, “It’s unresponsive. Judging from my personal experiences, IE has constantly crashed.”

Because IE was released in 1997, it ought to be slow. Over time, due to updates, it got faster. But it never helped its responsiveness.

IE constantly crashing isn’t the only thing people hate about it. On Quora, Anonymous said that ” I regularly switch between IE and Chrome and Firefox at work,… I spend more time waiting for IE than for the other two combined. I often leave two browsers in the background for a while, then switch… and IE takes forever to wake up. (On a workstation with 16GB RAM!) And then I press Ctrl-T to open a new tab, and IE hangs again. And then I start typing in a URL, and my keystrokes take forever to appear. If I switch tabs during any of this, the URL is shown in the address bar rarely matches the content of whichever tab is selected, until a couple/a few seconds later when IE is finally ready for business again…And IE has had bugs for years that would cause it to overwrite whatever you were typing in the address bar when it was resuming from being in the background for a while.”

Johnathan Elder said on Quora, “It’s not a particularly good bit of software. It was developed over a long period of time, so I suspect it ended up with a lot of tangled code, compromises, and bits left in for legacy reasons. It also tried to push a variation of HTML that was just a bit different from the standard, which likely caused problems too. Even Microsoft recognized this – and the poor brand image – and ditched IE in favor of Edge for the latest release of Windows.”

The conclusion is that Internet Explorer is unresponsive and slow because of its tangled code, compromises, and HTML variations.

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