Genshin Impact: All You Need to Know About the New 2.2 Update

Genshin Impact’s New 2.2 Update is out!


By: Vivienne Bao, Journalist

Genshin Impact has exploded in popularity since the game was released. It began in late 2020, and it is now October of 2021. Genshin will be releasing its newest update, version 2.2. New characters, weapons, events, and rewards will be featured in this update.
The first new event in the game will be a rhythm-based event, where you can play with others on different difficulties to earn higher scores and get rewards. There will be three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Pro. The rewards you can win include, primogems to roll for more characters using the gacha system, and level up materials so you can level your characters up and make them stronger.
Something else exciting coming up in the 2.2 updates, is the rerun of two characters- Tartaglia, a hydro bow user, and Hu Tao, a pyro polearm user. On Tartaglia’s rerun banner, the featured 4-star characters will be Yanfei, a pyro catalyst user, Chongyun, a cryo claymore user, and Ningguang, a geo catalyst user. On Hu Tao’s rerun banner, the only 4-star character we currently know that will be featured on her banner is Thoma, a new character who is seen to be another pyro polearm user.
And lastly, the sixth and last island in the Inazuma region will be released in this new update! The new island will contain a special feature, where it will have fog. It has been speculated that the new “fog” mechanic will act as a barrier, preventing you to access the island freely, so it might most likely be unlocked through story quests. On those islands, there will also be a new type of enemy. “Rifthound” is the official name of these new enemies, and are shown to be lurking around the new island, with the special ability to become invisible and deal a new feature called “corrosive” damage to you. What corrosive damage is said to do, is slowly decrease your health, and ignore any shields up, so the only way to combat this is by healing, using characters or food.

Many players are excited for this new update coming out, with new enemies, characters, and a new event as well. All of us just can’t wait to get new characters and new rewards!