Samsung’s Galaxy Flip Phones


By: Lyna Tran, Journalist

In 2020, Samsung decided to bring back flip phones. But the real question is, does it do any good?

The Samsung flip phone can be very convenient. It is foldable, so it fits right in your pocket. Samsung says that you shouldn’t worry about any damage in the rain, since it’s 80% more durable than a regular phone. There are 3 cameras, 2 in the back of the phone and 1 inside. The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s price starts at $1,000 to 1,050 with 256GB.

But there are always some problems about these phones.

People are getting tired from the back of the phone getting too hot to touch when running a fps game. Some others reported that the phone gets unusually hot for doing basic things. There have been reports that there is a huge battery drain the first day they got the Samsung Flip. Samsung says there’s “Ultra-Thin Glass” and it’s as thin as very thin human hair. To protect the glass, Samsung put a plastic cover over, and there were many reports about the crease at the center of the phone.

So, should you buy their Galaxy Flip? It’s your choice, keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about buying this phone.