Stress Ball Project: How to Make Oobleck Slime!


Our project is based on stress. We decided to make various types of slime such as, fluffy slime, foam bead slime, oobleck slime, and finally UV light changing stress balls! I will be talking about how we are going to be making some of these. In order to make Oobleck slime you will need the following:


-Corn Starch

-Food Coloring (optional)

-Scented Oils (optional)


-Pour water into a bowl

-Put corn starch into the bowl

-Stir until it starts to harden a little

-Take a clear balloon and put the slime into it

-Tie the balloon

Now you should have a stress ball where if u press down into it, it turns into a liquid. But if you try to throw it onto a wall or even “Punch” it, it will feel like a solid.

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