Why Incognito Mode is Useless.

Why Incognito Mode is Useless.

By: Hamza Noor, Journalist

So let me tell you why incognito mode is darn bad.  I know you’re probably going to say ” hamza, Incognito is completely private” No. It’s not as private as you think.

While in Incognito, your administrator, community, internet provider can see your history on incognito mode. Second of all, why are you using chrome to go anonymous on the internet? Opera has their own private built-in VPN. Just go into settings and search up VPN in the search bar, and enable it. You’ll see a little button on the top left of your screen, and it’s compatible on mobile too. You can also just download an extension.

At the end of the day, Incognito Mode is a Fake VPN. A VPN is something that makes you anonymous throughout the world.. Except for when encountering REALLY GOOD HACKERS. LIKE REALLY GOOD HACKERS. LIKE FBI , CIA TYPE HACKERS, but it’s unlikely you’ll meet those people on the internet.

Google is still tracking your activity while using Incognito mode. For example, if you go on a website that uses cookies, that website will still keep those cookies. This is because they keep them to recommend things on their site.

VPN: Virtual Private Network

Watch the  video that goes more in-depth about Incognito mode

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