What is Reverse Engineering?

Source: http://themocracy.com/3-common-ways-reverse-engineering-is-used-with-technology/

Source: http://themocracy.com/3-common-ways-reverse-engineering-is-used-with-technology/

What is Reverse Engineering? Reverse Engineering is simply taking something apart to learn how it works. While it might not seem like something that is done often, you’ll see it all the time with big companies. For example, a phone company may come out with a new technology, the only way the competitors see their profits grow is to adapt that same technology, to reverse engineer their rivals device and to make a clone.

The way reverse engineering works is by having the item and trying to replicate it by first taking it apart. Now, this isn’t just for objects, but can be for computer software. Some projects are open source (Code open to all) but may have a license preventing the distribution of its code (Modified or other). Look at it and learn about it, once you have, you’re able to replicate it yourself, then you won’t be breaking any license.

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Reverse engineering software is also possible through “de-compiling” a certain piece of code and then viewing its contents. (This method is not recommended as it may break the license of that software or may violate its copyrights)