Hunter x Hunter & Why It’s A Great Anime

Hunter x Hunter & Why Its A Great Anime

By: Hamza Noor, Jounalist

Hunter x Hunter is a anime that is about a boy named Gon Freecs. His dad left him to become a hunter. Now he lives with his aunt and grandmother. His aunt said “catch the biggest fish in this lake, and I’ll let you take the hunter exam”. Meanwhile, Gon caught the fish, packed his stuff and went onto the hunter exam. Nen is the life energy in everyone in the show, There are four types of nen abilities, Ren, Ten, Hatsu, and Zetsu. Zestu lets our life energy to be hidden. Making it hard for someone to track. Ren is the confident side of power, You demonstrate your power with an area of  Nen with evil intentions. Hatsu is your natural power or technique, you can make your own technique if you want to. There will be something called the Hunter Exam at the beginning of the anime. But, You have to learn this on your own. The rest will be shown in the anime.

here’s a sneak peek of only a small part of the story. This anime has 148 episodes. Multiple arcs will keep you interested for the next episode.



Find out how this 12 year old boy becomes this a powerful individual that is capable of beating 99.9 percent of living things  on  earth, with ease.