Space Force Uses Virtual Reality to Train Workers

By: Conner Elling, Journalist

The recently introduced Space Force is using virtual reality headsets to train its guardians on how to fix satellites. By using VR they can simulate what it might be like to be in space but of course, it is not the real thing. According to the Pentagon, the main purpose of the Space-Force is to improve national security capabilities in space. Creating replicas can be expensive so using VR is an innovative solution. The branch is also working with the government contractor SAIC on a training platform that allows employees to interact with full-scale digital replicas of national security satellites. The simulation is similar to a video game. The guardians will choose their avatar then someone will begin the simulation. While inside they can move around the satellite and grab different parts and tools. And they can even look at the satellite’s internal hardware. The digital satellites are detailed and accurate to what an actual satellite might look like in space. The Oculus Quest headsets that the Space Force is using sell for $299, which might seem expensive but it is much cheaper than a 10 million dollar real-life replica. The satellite training is one of SAIC’s latest projects, the $7.1 billion company based in VA, was awarded an $830 million contract for engineering research, and to provide resources. I believe that companies will begin and maybe continue to use virtual reality and other technologies to help people be prepared.