Do Anti-Viral Surface Tops Really Work?

Covid 19 and Antiviral Surfaces

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By: John Stevens, Journalist

With many studies and research having been done with Covid 19,  scientist and engineers have been questioning if it is possible to make an antiviral surface top to instantly make any any droplet with disease evaporate to  help stop the spread in that way.

Research has determined that even though 99.9% of the Covid 19 respiratory spread of droplets to evaoporate but do leave a small residual film behind that does allow the virus to continue to spread.

The answer is yes,  it is possible to make a surface top to instantly kill any droplets and immediately stop the spread of the disease.  But it does depend on the wetness and the texture of the surface.  Engineers has determined that taller and and with a contact angle of 60 degrees.

There is alot more research and study to do but plans are to continue and start making antiviral surfaces for hospital equipment and commonly touched places like door handles and cell phones.


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