The Future Isn’t What the Future Was.

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By: Tomi Vacca, Journalist

NASA's Version of Mr. Fusion - Universe Today
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In 1985 the movie Back to the Future was made and captivated the hearts of people all around the world. Four years later in 1989 a sequel was released set in 2015, 6 years prior to when this article was written. The movie painted a very colorful picture of futuristic gadgets and how the lives of people would be 30 years in the future. The movie included hoverboards, self drying and adjusting clothes, and also a “Mr. Fusion” which converted waste material into usable energy. While many of these inventions we may scoff at today as cool toys but not really practical, there are some really cool and intuitive ideas. For example, the Mr. Fusion presents a very interesting method to combating climate change, and yet 35 years later we still haven’t come up with anything like that. While we’ve made some great technological leaps with the invention of portable phones an powerful personal computer, we seem to have made little progress in other industries. Another example of this is how in the movie there are flying cars and highways in the sky, yet today we still drive around in our boring four wheel automobiles that have had little major change since their inception more than 100 years ago. All in all, by looking at the past’s perception of ourselves we can get some very cool creative and innovative ideas that can forever revolutionize the planet.

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