Microsoft Discusses Offering to Buy Discord For More Than $10 Billion


“File:Discord-512.webp” by Seishennaruto is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

By: Hayden Frost, Journalist

Microsoft is discussing to buy Discord for more than $10 billion.

Microsoft has a history of buying big companies, so it makes sense they’re trying to buy Discord.

Discord is a communication platform (which is made for gamers) where you can chat with friends and make friends in servers, or private chats. It is very similar to skype (which Microsoft also owns)because it’s a communication platform where you can share your screen and use your camera.

Discord have a net worth over $7 Billion and have over 100 million active monthly users. If Microsoft do buy Discord, it would be a long term investment since the way Discord makes their money is by having a premium system called Discord Nitro, it costs $10 a month for the normal version, but for Discord Classic, it costs $5 a month. There is also a yearly deal where if you get the normal version, it costs $100 saving you $20 if you buy 12 months of Discord Nitro one month at a time. If you buy Classic, you would be saving $10 since it costs $50 and if you buy 12 months one at a time, it would be $60.

With Microsoft’s over 1 and a half trillion net worth, Microsoft could buy Discord and add more things to buy in Discord and make more money than the $7 billion that Discord made before this deal started.