Aliens Power Loader, From Movie To Real Life


“Sigourney Weaver in the full size power loader from Aliens (1986)” by gameraboy is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

By: Liam Ballew, Journalist

Starting in January of 2019 The Hacksmith and his team (from the youtube channel Hacksmith Industries) started development on a real-life Power Loader that would function as it did in the Aliens movie. In 2014 the creator of Hacksmith Industries, James Hobson, created a working exoskeleton that allowed him to lift part of a car off the ground. During the showcase of the exoskeleton, James announced that he wanted to create a working replica of the Power Loader once he could financially go through with the project.

At the beginning of the project, Hacksmith Industries was bound to a garage to work with. As you could imagine, it would be difficult to work on a big machine like the Power Loader in a garage. So in early 2020 Hacksmith Industries bought a large warehouse facility to stage all new projects, including their Power Loader. Due to this new advancement, they have been able to make further progressions on the Power Loader.

Recently The Hacksmith team partnered with Caterpillar Inc. to help with the treads on the power loader. The partnership not only helps with dealing with the cost of working on the Power Loader, but with the accuracy of having the Power Loaders being made by Caterpillar like they’re in the movie.


A Real Life Power Loader From Aliens Isn’t Far Off