March Madness The Most Exciting Time For Basketball

Source: TheDailySportsHerald

“Oregon State’s Jared Cunningham drives the Lane at the 2012 Pac 12 NCAA Tournament” by TheDailySportsHerald is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Grady Clipper, Journalist

March madness is the peak of the college basketball season. It is when the NCAA committee chooses the best 64 teams to go to the tournament to compete for a national championship. 32 of the teams get automatic bids to the tournament by winning their conference championships and the other 32 are selected by the committee to get put in the tournament which equals the 64 teams. Once you are in the tournament you must win 6 straight games to win the championship. The first round is the round of 64 and all the teams play in the span of 2 days and this is the round where you usually see “upsets”. It is when teams that are much higher seeds then the seeds there are playing “upset” the higher seed. The most notable upset is history of the tournament happen 3 years ago when the 16 seed UMBC beat the 1 seed Virginia, and it is the only time in history where a 16 beat a 1 seed. After the round of 64 you go to the round of 32 and this round is all the winners of the round of 64. All the winners of the round of 32 advance to the sweet 16 and this round is much more difficult to get to compared to the other games because you will have to win to straight games to get to the sweet 16. After the sweet 16 the winning teams will move on to the elite 8. The elite 8 is the top 2 teams from each side of the bracket the winner of each elite game will go to the coveted final four. The final 4 teams face off to play for the the championship. After the final four is played there is one more game left in the season and that is the championship and it is where the top 2 teams will square off to win the 2021 NCAA championship. That is how the march madness works.