Smart Watches IW1

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By: Jason Flores, Reporter

How good is the IW1 Smart Watch?

Smart Watches are very helpful for everyone.

Before you do anything else, You need the app called¬†Let’s Fit ¬†so your watch has the right setting and then you are ready to start using you Watch.

You can connect your smart watch on both Android and IOS.

These Smart Watches will tell you how many steps, miles walk and how many calories you have burned in that day. It will also tell you how much you did for a week.

Other things that the smart watch can do is Control the music from your phone. You can get notifications or messages from people that you know. You can also set an alarm on your watch.

What are the good things about the IW1 Smart Watch?

  • These IW1 Smart Watch have a 7 Day battery life.
  • It has a Power saving mode.
  • Has Adjustable brightness.
  • It has Stopwatch setting and Timers

How expensive is the IW1 Smart watch cost?

This Smart Watch cost $40 Dollars

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