Traxxas and Latrax – What went wrong?


By: Jonathan Tabbal, Journalist

Traxxas is a RC (remove control) car company, which specializes in making bigger RC cars. One of their newer ideas was Latrax, a series of smaller, cheaper cars. These cars were meant to be more affordable, but really came out more fragile. They went super fast, but there was a downside. Servo parts kept breaking, as well as suspension, shock absorbers and more. Included in its box was a charger, but the charger wasn’t all that great. These cars had some very small and weak parts, making for a not so durable car. Sometimes you would have to spend as much money on replacement parts as on the car. I also didn’t help that the battery charger wasn’t very fast. If I was in charge of building Latrax cars I would make it more durable in the suspension and servo areas.


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