Hyundai Developing a Vehicle That Can Walk and Drive


Image Source: Promotional from Hyundai

By: Oliver Singhvi, Journalist

The Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot Experiment, or Tiger X-1, is a concept vehicle that will climb on harsh terrain and drive on flatter roads. Hyundai hopes they can use this unmanned vehicle for scientific discovery purposes. They plan to send it to dangerous places and maybe even beyond our world. Hyundai plans to send their new concept into space and see it “walking” on the moon sometime in the future. This vehicle will also help with emergency relief because of the projected durability and all-terrain capability.

The Tiger X-1 was developed by Hyundai’s New Horizons Studio, a section that works on more futuristic types of vehicles and robots. It is based on an earlier model called the Hyundai Elevate, another walking car vehicle. The difference is that