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Bridgestone Airless Bike Tires

No Longer Worry About Flat Tires

The tire company Bridgestone is currently developing airless bike tires. The tires use thermoplastic resin spokes instead of air tubes. These resin spokes can continually alter their shape as the bike moves, allowing them to sufficiently support the weight of the rider. They also absorb shock better than air tubes and requires less maintenance. On top of all these features, these tires eliminate the risk of getting a flat and being stranded on the side of the road. They can be installed on any bike. This is a great invention that gets rid of the problems of high-maintenance bike tires and the risk of getting a flat tire. These tires were released in 2019.

This relates to engineering because a new invention solves a common problem. The engineers who created this followed the engineering process to find a problem, develop a prototype solution to it, and test it to make sure it worked.

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