Why did Among Us Take off?


By: Jonathan Tabbal, Journalist

Why did Among us take off, and why did it fall? It all starts with COVID-19. As we were all stuck at home, people young and old were looking for things to do, and gaming just so happens to be one of them. As new players came to games for the quarantine, a few types of games rose above the rest – easy to play games with bright colors requiring little skill. While being the downfall, it allowed games like Among Us, Fall Guys, and Animal Crossing to take off.

These games have basically set the bar for what I think newer games will be, as companies rush to make games easier for new players. If this does happen, maybe some will take notes and make features where there is some player retention. Instead of adding more of these features, game creators could have a stream of games coming out to keep player coming back. Another problem would be hackers. Among us was run by 4 people, and had little hack control when it blew up, leading to a less favorable online experience. I personally like playing Among Us with friends, but online isn’t my favorite. Although this flood of games may be good for newer players, long time players are left in the dust. long time players out number new ones, leading to a downhill curve after a while of playing. This curve would be because of simplicity or lack of content. Overall, these games are fun at first when you are stuck at home, but lack certain aspects that keep players coming back to the game.