How Apple Sabotages Older Phones


Source: unknown

“iPhone” by Kawa0310 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Derek Oropeza-Obispo, Reporter

Apple basically sends monthly software updates to improve your phone. Users notice that when updating the newer updates it made older phone slower. For example, a person in one of the articles said that while he was testing the CPU performance it (with the newer updates) had 600 MHz while the opposing one had 1400 MHz (without updating) he concluded that they were sabotaging older phones. Reasons came up as to why they were doing it, reasons surfaced one that is the most logical and makes sense is that the Phone’s battery is old and people were told to replace the batteries or get a new phone.

In the video, Marques Brownlee says about how the person tested it and said the only reason why they are doing it is because of battery life and how it can last longer with the newer updates, also he said that newer the update is it’s gonna drain the battery also how apple should have come forward and explained why but instead they remained quiet about it and gives them a bad reputation and expecting consumers to replace a phone every three years.

In the End, Apple got sued and years later settled 500 million in court and denied wrongdoing so they don’t get burden and litigation.