Apple IOS VS Android


By: Isaiah Efrem, Reporter


The company Android Inc was founded in 2003 by a bunch of guys but the most well known is Andy Rubin. The original plan was to make cameras but then someone suggested phones and that’s how it all started. At some point Android became very broke and couldn’t even afford their office space and people started to believe it would fail but Google had hope and bought the company as well as some key members. Then in 2007 apple arrived with it’s very first phone by its well known founder Steve Jobs.


Apple is well known for having very expensive prices while Android is on the cheaper side. In fact Apple’s first iPhone was 499 dollars while androids was only 179.


The best selling Apple phone of all time is the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus with a whopping 222.4 million people buying it as of December 2020 while the Androids best selling phone the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold just over 80 million as of April 2020. Although Apple had a better selling phone than Android Apple only has a 13.9% market share while Android has an 86.1% market share as of 2019.


Me personally I prefer Apple just cause it’s what I’m used to. If you hand me an Android I’ll have no idea how to handle or navigate it. But if you prefer a better range of customization, flexibility, and freedom of choice go with an Android or if you value a sleek design and easy navigation go with iPhone. In the end it all comes down to preference.

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