Mercedes-AMG One


This is the Mercedes AMG One. Source: “File: Mercedes-AMG Project One, Frankfurt (1Y7A3473).jpg” by Matti Blume is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

With the Mercedes-AMG One coming into production this year, there is going to be a Formula 1 car out on the roads for people to use not just for intense racing. With a whopping top speed of 217mph and can go from zero to 124mph within 6 seconds, this car is gonna be up there with some of the best supercars ever made. Along with 4 electric motors, that helps to give this car 1000 horsepower. Another interesting feature of this car is that this is a plug-in hybrid, meaning that this car uses gasoline, but also a battery that is pluggable. Mechanical engineering was used to create this design and the mechanics itself.



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