2020 Audi RS7 Sportback

By: Seth Job, Journalist

The 2020 Audi RS7 Sportback is an amazing car that is made in Neckarsulm, Germany. It has the heart of a RS6 Estate but the body of a 5 door hatch and the looks of a Coupe. It is designed to be like an equal to the Porsche Panamera Turbo and Mercedes E63. It is also designed to be great in any environment. The power that this car has comes from its 4 Liter Twin Turbocharged V8. With that power, it has 600 Metric Horsepower and 800 Newton Meters of Torque. Since its an Audi, it has Quattro so every corner of the car is getting power. The attraction is just relentless Rory (person in video) says. The shape might be different from the RS6 but it makes the same noise. Its not the coolest engine noise and obviously not the loudest. However the turbo sound when driving is great.

Gear acceleration is amazing with the peak torque comes between 2 thousand-4.5 thousand rpm. Rory says that this car encourages you to drive like a thug which would probably be a good car for me. However that isn’t necessary because you can just let the turbo’s do the work when you in the Power ban, there is no delay in the acceleration. This car will do up to 190 mph without the limiter and will do a 0-62 in 3.6 secs. The funny things is that when Rory does it in the video, he does and 0-62 in 4.9 secs. His excuse is the altitude and that its a hot day because he is in Morocco in the video. The problem with this car is that it has its rivals, the Mercedes E63 or the Porsche Panamera. Because of that it might have a difficult sell but you never know.

Anyways lets get to some details. The headlights are more skinny and as Rory calls it, more sinister. Then you got the grill at the front with the licenseĀ  plate. You also have the power bulge on the bonnet. On the side at the bottom, you have the skirts, and new wheel designs. The car usually comes with 21’s as standard’s but Rory’s car has 22’s. The rear of the car is what Rory says separates the RS7 from the RS6. The hood is curved downward which gives it the wide-body treatment. They stretched it by 20 mm which makes it much more aggressive, muscular, and amazing. Then on the back you have new light, new bumper, and a LED light strip that goes through the back of the trunk. Rory says that this car is better looking than the RS6 and I agree with him. The shape does however negatively effect the car. The trunk is a reasonable 535 liters. The backseat head room is really low so tall people would have to be bent to sit there. The driver and front passenger however have so much space. They will also enjoy a good featured filled cabin.

The basic car cost is $114,000. Power door closed at $924, head up display at $1,916, ceramic brake at $13,280, sport exhaust at $1,985, sport suspension at $1,779, and 22 inch rims at $3,012. That is the price that you’ll pay if you want the very finest. The car has a mechanical centered gear that can shuffle the power around. So by default, it can send 40% to the power to the front and 60% to the rear. It can also give 70% of the power to the front and it would be a front-wheel drive. In dynamic mode, you can send 85% of the power to the rear to make the car a rear-wheel drive. All-wheel steering helps the car’s safety a lot when the rear wheels turn up to 5 degree’s in the opposite direction to the front wheels to help reduce the turning circle at low speeds and in the same direction as the front to improve stability. Then a sports differential sends torque to the outer wheels when your going around a corner. With that, the car feels really light and easy to drive.

The car weighs about 4552.546 lbs which is over 220 lbs more than the old car. Rory when he is driving the car says that it feels “lighter somehow.” He assumes that because the steering is really light. Honestly I think he might be right. Rory however says that in dynamic mode, it is a little too light. Anyways. if you’re going to have an amazing fast car, then you’re going to have to have really good brakes. The brakes are a 10 Piston Ventilated which is really big. 14.5 inches on the rear and 16.5 inches on the front. The brakes on Rory’s car is Carbon Ceramics, which is a little expensive but Rory says that it is totally worth it. Rory says that if you’re looking for a good Audi with really great looks, then this is your car. I disagree with him, I personally think that the Audi r8 is cooler but that’s my opinion.

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