How Different Coffee Machines Work.


“coffee steam 2” by waferboard is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Trevor Nothdurft, Reporter

A good amount of people use coffee machines.  Yet do people know how it makes the coffee? The coffee doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Many coffee machines come in different sizes or shapes.  Some coffee machines even have touch screens.

Most Coffee makers use coffee grounds.  Some use pods, and some use beans.

The Drip Coffee maker heats up water and has it drip onto the coffee grounds grabbing the coffee from the grounds and putting it into a collection area for you to pour into your cup.

The Keurig Coffee machine uses something called K-Cups these are grounds in a plastic cup that is good for one cup. The machine heats up water and has it go into a needle/house into the top of the K-Cup and out the bottom of it from a different needle and pours into your cup.

The Siphon Coffee maker uses chambers one gets filled with water then it heats the bottom of the chamber forcing it to rise to the top and overflow into the 2nd chamber with the coffee grounds in it mixing them together then it gets pulled down the chamber into the filter at the top chamber and then into the bottom of the chamber is the coffee.

There is also many more coffee machines in the world not mentioned here.