Apple’s New M1 Chip


By: Ryan Wells, Reporter

On November 10, 2020, Apple released the first ARM based CPU on the market. This processor is the first made to run the MacOS operating system exclusively. The chip is integrated with memory, so apple can reduce laptop size and weight. Many windows users are against this CPU because it is incompatible with many games, as well as taking away customizability in a computer since there is integrated RAM, i/o, security, and the processor itself. Many people, especially in the windows community enjoy building their own computers. When you build your own computer, you have to pick many parts that can all change performance based on what you want to do. For example, If you wanted a computer for video editing, you would get a high end CPU (like the M1), and a high amount of ram, but if you wanted one for gaming, you would get a middle class CPU and a high end GPU. The problem with M1 compatible computers is that you aren’t able to change the amount of ram by yourself since it is all integrated into one chip, whereas on many computers you can pop off the bottom of the laptop and change the storage, memory, and CPU. It is also extremely expensive to get the right specs for you, since there are only a select few models with the M1 chip, for example, if you wanted to get 512 gb of storage instead of the standard 256 gb, you would have to pay an extra $250, because the only version that includes the extra storage, also has extra GPU cores, which you may or may not need. In conclusion, apple’s M1 chip has very good performance, but is very hard to customize for your needs, and it is very expensive for the parts it provides.

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