Smart Belt

By: Isabella Phillips, Journalist

Has your belt ever felt tight after eating a meal? Have you wanted to track your health, waist, and more? Well now is the chance, because the Welt is gaining popularity by the day. The wellness belt, or Welt for short, is a self adjusting, fitness tracking belt. The Welt is similar in fashion to a normal belt, made of leather and less flashy than their original design of metal and plastic.  It is wireless, for easy use. The Welt is compatible with iOS and Android, and uses Bluetooth to send data to an app on your phone. It tracks waist size, activity, sitting, eating, and more.

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The Welt does need to charge, with a small usb port, but it can last up to a month without charge; depending on its use. The Welt also tracks fall risk, such as having an uneven gait. Its self adjusting buckle will loosen after a big meal, or tighten when needed, without you having to do any of the work. The Welt is currently not on the market, but had been debuted in 2015. The company, WELT Corporations, has changed their original prototype but it still deciding on releasing the newest version or continuing to simply improve it. Either way, many people are going to be happy and healthy belt wearers once they get their hands on a WELT.