Why Greatsword Is Broken.


By: Jonathan McCombs, Writer

In brawlhalla, the 2D fighting game they recently released a new weapon which is greatsword. This weapon is incredibly broken, for example for the EU World championship all of top 8 was playing greatsword, and the majority of the NA World champion ship was also filled with greatsword players. If you are confused on what the term “broken” means, in gaming a character or weapon being broken is when it is unbalanced and it too good. In Brawlhalla this weapon is incredibly broken because in this game at a higher level you have to bait out your opponents attacks and then punish them for missing an attack, but with greatsword if you miss an attack you can keep attacking without stopping. This weapon is also like no other, there are a lot more attacks that it has than other weapons creating more option choices, which also makes it better than other weapons. One of the reasons it makes it better is because when you get hit with an attack you can dodge out of the attack, but there is a cool down on your dodge. But with many options your opponent can read the dodge easier because they have so many things to do after you dodge and when you don’t have your dodge you are stuck in stun and cannot get out of the combo, making you take a lot of damage. These are the reasons why greatsword is a super strong/broken weapon and why it needs to be nerfed as soon as possible.