2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast


By: Seth Job, Journalist

The 2020  Ferrari 812 Superfast is the top of the Ferrari food chain. The Ferrari’s are made in Maranello, Italy. It was designed by Italian architect and automobile designer, Flavio Manzoni. Anyways, the highlight of this super amazing car is the 6.5 L V12 engine. The power on this car is absolutely amazing with 800 metric horsepower. That is a lot, and you wonder why they call it “Superfast?!” The car will do 0-62 in 2.9 sec. That really really fast. If you have read my other articles, most of the cars do that in like 3. somethings but this does it in 2.9. The engine makes 718 Newton meters of torque and and about 7000 rpm.

The 812 Superfast shares the same form as the Ferrari Berlinetta. It shares its resemblance with its predecessor, the Ferrari F12. The front lights on the front are integrated onto the design of the vents on the bonnet. On the side it has sculpted sides that suck high-pressure air from the wheel arches that channel it along the doors. On the rear, it has a suspended splitter which brings up the diffuser surface. The engine lives in the front and middle of the car. The steering wheel is basically at the back of the car.  Rory (person in video) says that it ” almost looks like a human heart with veins and arteries sending life giving power by a 7-speed gear box to the rear wheels.” Enzo Ferrari said that when you buy a Ferrari, you pay for a engine and he throws in the rest for free.

The seats and dashboards aren’t as exciting but just as amazing. “The steering wheel is a tactile delight with hard cold carbon fiber at the top and bottom with integrated shift lights and leather at the sides,” says Rory. The dashboard is covered in buttons. There are buttons for your indicator, buttons for your lights, suspension, engine start, voice control, and phone. There is also a little scroll wheel for your wipers. Then on the bottom of the wheel, there is a famous manettino which flips through all the different driving modes. The modes are wet, sport, race, ct-off, and R.I.P. Something that I find really cool is the passenger side. The passenger has his/her own board which shows how many revs the driver is doing or how many G’s your pulling. The passenger also has a really neat glove/essential box. There is also Apple Car Play, a pair of USB ports, and cup holders.

Well that’s all the good things, well there are some bad things according to Rory (person in video). The engine revs are to high when cruising, suspensions are a bit on the hard side, the gear box is little bit clunky around town. There is also to much tire noise, and the petrol won’t last very long. The car is so amazing that you won’t find a road straight enough, big enough, or legal enough for this car. The suspensions are really great that Rory says” you’ve  got to be really really on your toes at all times in this car. It causes you to loose and then regain traction so quickly.” You could have amazing traction and then, the suspension might just lift and you would be spinning. You have to have amazing focus when driving this car or else you probably won’t have to car to drive anymore because it would be broken. A lesson you can learn from Rory (person in video) and from this car is that you shouldn’t take things for granted. You should cherish everything you have, your family, your friends, your teachers, your house, your belongings, because you never know when you can loose it.

Well that’s all I have for this car so see ya next time!!