Wireless Pen Scanner

Pen Scanner

Wireless Pen Scanner

By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

Have you ever taken notes in school before? You probably have, and remember the hours of time writing down every piece of valuable information? What’s the point of writing down a bunch of information if it’s just going to take a lot of time? Well, here is an idea for you! Try using the Wireless Pen Scanner. What does it do? The Wireless Pen Scanner basically scans your notes from textbooks and uploads them to your laptop, iPhone, or the cloud. Think about all the time you will save, all the valuable information that you could learn within minutes, and think about how easy it will be to take notes. If you are a student at college, high school, or even middle school, this pen is for you. This pen has been referred to as the pen that can scan up to 3,000 characters in a minute!

So how does the Pen Scanner work? Basically, you just scan over any text and the pen can even read aloud the text your scanning. While this is happening, the pen can also translate the text in about 40 languages. The price of this pen is about $130- $200, which technically isn’t a lot considering how much engineering and coding it takes to read over a bunch of texts, scan them to a computer, read aloud the text, and translate the text.

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