How To Make a Sequence in LED Blinking Lights


Image credit to SImon Monk

By: Jose Iriarte-Dubon, Reporter

You need a breadboard, ELEGO UNO, 4 wires, 3 LED lights (preferably different colors), the USB cable for the elego uno, and 3 resistors

Connect the Elegoo Uno to your laptop or PC using the USB cable then get one wire and put it in the ground port on the Elegoo Uno then connect it to a negative part of the breadboard. Put a resistor one port under the wire and connect the other part to the same number on the other negative section. Then put a LED light diagonally from the resistor make sure the shorter part of the LED light is the one closest to the resistor. Repeat this process with the other two LED lights, spread each resistor apart by 5 ports. Now connect the other 3 wires to 13, 12 and ~11. Connect them to the port that is next to the long part of the LED lights, repeat this with the other 2 lights. Once this is done they should start blinking in a random order, to change the order connect the USB from the Elego Uno to your laptop/PC and go to the arduino website.