Brawl Stars: Colette


By: Aiden Tran, Reporter

Brawl Stars is a mobile game created by the company SUPERCELL. The game is played by using different and unique brawlers to battle your enemies in a various amount of game modes. Along with the season 3 brawl pass came Colette.

Colette is a chromatic brawler meaning her rarity begins at legendary and as more brawl pass seasons go by, her rarity goes to mythic, then epic.

Colette has 3,200 health at rank 1 increasing with her rank level and has normal movement speed.

Now starting off with Colette’s attack, Taxing Shot. Colette shoots out a heart shaped shot that deals more damage to her enemies depending on their current health. The shot has a long range and her reload speed is set at normal. To special targets she deals 1,000 damage scaling off of what rank she is. Special targets are targets that are not players like power cube boxes and the heist safe.

For Colette’s super ability, Time to Collect, she dashes forward a great amount of distance and dashes back dealing taxing damage based on their maximum health. If Colette hits a wall while dashing she instantly turns around and dashes back.  Time to Collect deals 2,000 damage to special targets.

Colette’s gadget, Na-Ah! empowers her next shot. Instead of dealing damage based off of her enemies current health, it deals damage based off of their maximum health.

Colette has 2 star powers. Her first one pushes her enemies hit with Time to Collect all the way to the farthest point of her dash. Her second star power gives her a 10% shield for 5 seconds. Every enemy brawler in the way of her super will add 10% to the shield.