The Advances In Workhorse Technology


Have you ever heard about the company, Workhorse? Workhorse was founded in 1998 and has always been a quiet delivery vehicle company. You probably haven’t heard much about the company since 2018, but what has happened currently that has made Workhorse so known? Workhorse in 2020, has now made itself known as an electric truck maker who is capable of using electric drones for package delivery. So far, the electric drones have been working pretty well. The drone has been reported to deliver efficiently and safely to customers doorsteps. This drone has made it so much easier to deliver packages to people who live on farms, have long driveways, or just live on a good chunk of land.

Here below is a video of how the electric drone is currently being used:

It has been publicly stated that “In four years, the Workhorse HorseFly drone counts hundreds of package deliveries in three states.” What would the net worth of Workhorse be if the drone went to all 50 states of America? Who knows? Maybe if drones went worldwide, we wouldn’t need delivery people anymore.

How cool is it that despite the pandemic, Workhorse was able to use engineering, programming, and technology to create a device to transfer packages without spreading the virus anywhere. Not only will this drone help slow the spread of the coronavirus, but in the future, it will make delivering packages work more smoothly. This is only the first step into the advancement of delivering. Who knows what the next step will be in the coming future.

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