Rainbow Six Siege: Aruni


Operation Neon Dawn

Aruni is the newest operator to be introduced  into the new operation (season) Neon Dawn in  Rainbow six siege. Aruni is a defender who can put up a laser gate on walls, hatches, doorways and windows which is called the surya gate, Aruni has 3 surya gates. The only way to deactivate Aruni’s utility  is to use an EMP or throw a  flashbang or a drone or any type of throwable gadget to deactivate it for 15 seconds, if you walk into her surya gate, it will deal 30 damage but the surya gate will be disabled for 30 seconds, once her utility is deactivated you have to shoot it to activate it again.

Aruni’s weapons are the p10 roni submachine gun which does 26 damage and has a 980 fire rate and her other primary is the MK 14 EBR marksman rifle which does 60 damage and is a single fire gun. Aruni’s secondary pistol is the PRB92 which does 35 damage. Aruni’s gadgets are barbed wire and a deployable camera. Aruni uses her prosthetic arm has a melee weapon, Aruni’s arm can also be used to punch holes in walls to make rotates.

Aruni is a very solid operator and I recommend buying her as soon as you can.