Elegoo Uno R3 – Simple Multitasking

Elegoo Uno R3 - Simple Multitasking

By: Ryan Wells, Reporter

This project will end up making an LED and a DC motor fade in and out at the same time.

For this project, you will need these materials:

4x wire

Smart Electronics Jump Wire Cable Male to Male Flexible Jumper Wires for arduino Breadboard DIY Starter Kit 65pcs/lot|Wires & Cables| - AliExpress

1x 220 ohm resistor

50pcs 10 ohm Resistor 2W Metal Film Resistor Resistance 1% Resistance Assortment DIY Kit For Arduino Resistor 1K 100 220 470 ohm|resistor 2w|10 ohm resistor10 ohm - AliExpress

1x Elegoo Uno R3

Elegoo Uno R3 | Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

1x USB-A/Elegoo connector



1x LED

Blue LED | Exploring Arduino

1x DC Motor

Arduino - DC Motor - Tutorialspoint

Videos: (I made these myself using my webcam, so its not the best video)