Elegoo Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit-The uses of a potentiometer and a piezo


“10k Ohm Breadboard Compatible Potentiometer – POT-103-A” by oomlout is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Daniel Liu, Reporter

When you get your first ever Elegoo Adruino Uno, you might be wondering, “What do these pieces do?” The pieces may seem complicated, but fear not! They are actually very simple and easy to use. The first few pieces are the Elegoo Arduino Uno itself, the breadboard, and the wires. The Elegoo Arduino Uno is what controls the code and powers the circuit, the breadboard is where the wires go, and the wires direct electricity to the current. But, two other pieces of the Elegoo Arduino Uno Starter Kit are the piezo and the potentiometer.

A piezo is a small circle like component that emits a sound when connected to a power source, and a potentiometer is an adjustable resistor, meaning you can change how much charge there is. The potentiometer has three pins. The outside two pins are connected to the ends of a fixed resistor, while the middle pin gives different resistance charges when you turn the knob on top of the potentiometer. When you first run a circuit with a piezo in it and connect it to different amounts of power, you will find that it gets louder and softer. So, when you connect these two circuits with wires and use the Arduino to power it up, you can turn the knob and make the piezo make sounds that get louder and softer. Once you learn these components and others, you will be all set.